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    I like it how half of the regulars in this thread chose the same avatar for the new forums :P
    "I don't know half of you half as well as I should like; and I like less than half of you half as well as you deserve."

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    I think that technically makes that post a bump, which is against the Community Guidelines. Everybody report Sapien!
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    I think that technically makes that post a bump, which is against the Community Guidelines. Everybody report Sapien!
    busted! now to change my sig to some animated junk!

    rhetorical technical question: how does one bump the current comment on top? its already on top!

    that's my defense and im sticking to it!

    I miss my Chavez y Chavez pic
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    They added ramps - this is no longer an issue

    With all the Captains around, I thought maybe I'd update this thread if you don't mind. It's the first hit if you google the quest, so while there are other threads, this is the one people are likely to look at first.

    1. Survival without your herald has nothing to do with it because A, there is no "banner" anymore, it's just a class slot item now, and B, as people have pointed out, if you jump with a horse, your herald comes along.

    2. The way this played for me was...

    a. I looked around and saw the first banner straight up the hill and went for it. Then followed the ramps to the foundation stone.. noticed it did not do anything for me, and I probably missed some quest opp.. oh well, next time.

    b. There was a wooden ramp up to what is now the second banner (used to be the third banner). Still easy.

    c. For some reason I didn't notice until later how to get to the other side of the west wall. So I wandered around and looked up the quest. Lots of outdated info greeted me. If you can't find your way up to the third banner, on top of the round tower, look for a break in the west wall, it's almost directly west of the foundation stone.

    d. This part deserves caps: THERE ARE RAMPS NOW FOR ALL THE JUMPS, IT IS NO LONGER ABOUT YOUR JUMPING ABILITY I was all prepared to use a burst of speed or my horse or whatever, but it was unnecessary anymore. Those pieces of advice are still helpful for other quests that require jumping.

    e. For giggles, I jumped down to the square tower to see how hard that was. I must've had a fortuitous burst of wind because even on foot with my herald I got a jump boost in the middle of the trajectory and landed square in the middle. So maybe just for that instance, the jump issue has been improved. Anyway it's moot.

    Enjoy freedom from frustration! Turbine does love us! Buy more Mithril! (I think they deserve that plug for fixing this.)


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