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Riders of Rohan Developer Diary: Eastemnet Crafting

Eastemnet Crafting

By: Dina "Ayvan" Monas

Rohan is almost upon us and with it will come a new crafting tier, The Eastemnet, with all the standard items you are used to seeing. This crafting tier will retain many of the positive changes introduced in Rise of Isengard and will hopefully add a couple of new ones.


To begin with, we are continuing with the normal and rich varieties for each landscape resource node, with normal nodes containing an average amount of resources and a low chance of finding rare items and rich nodes containing higher amounts of resources and a higher chance of finding rare items. Players will still be able to process these base resources into low, medium and higher quality ingredients and can choose to either break down the rare items into optional ingredients or use them to more efficiently produce the higher quality ingredients.

New "processing" recipes have been introduced to help the non-gathering professions level up their craft. Metal, Wood and Leather Shaving recipes are being auto-granted to Jewellers, Tailors, Metalsmiths, Weaponsmiths and Woodworkers. Cooks will still retain their auto-granted ingredient recipes. The new processing recipes allow the above professions to level up their craft without having to waste enormous amounts of resources. Instead, lower quality ingredients can be turned into the appropriate shavings and the shavings can then be turned back into the low quality ingredient. Once you are able to crit, it is possible to get a return equal to the amount of resources you put in.

One other small change was to the resource nodes themselves. The chance to acquire the rare crafting ingredients used in one-shot recipes was added to crafting resource nodes at their respective tiers. For example, players have a chance of acquiring Adamant shards from Dwarf-iron and Platinum Deposits, as well as from Lebethron branches and Forgotten Texts.

Armor Sets

One of the complaints from the Rise of Isengard expansion was the lack of full armor sets at various levels. We have heard you and I'm happy to say that this tier will contain two full sets of armor, one at level 80 and one at level 85. In order to do this, though, very few recipes could be auto-granted. The majority of the recipes can be found via treasure and reputation.

Crafting Resource Instances

We are very happy to once again have crafting resource instances that we can run on a daily basis. Scenario was kind enough to design and build these instances for us and I think they're pretty awesome! In addition to extra crafting materials, the quests and barter rewards associated with these instances will also provide legendary item support, much like the legendary item instances done for Moria and Dunland. Players will be able to acquire their Compendium, Volume IV after completing one of the quests bestowed.

Crafted Relics

Speaking of the new compendium, there is a whole new tier of crafted relics supporting both regular play and mounted combat, as well as the addition of a relic with defensive bonuses. Visit your nearest Legendary Craft Guild vendor for the latest crafted relic recipes, although keep in mind that you will need to be Grand Master of the Guild in order to acquire the best ones.

Craft Guilds

As let on in the previous paragraph, an additional rank has been added to your craft guild reputation. Please visit your guild's vendors to purchase new recipes that produce the items needed to increase your reputation standing. Once the items are made, players can automatically gain reputation with the craft guild by right-clicking on the reputation item in their inventory. A red border will appear around the item once you have reached the maximum reputation. And, as always, completing this rank will provide access to new guild-only rewards.


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